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    Auto Title Loan Questions

    Here is some questions from our customers, in which our loan experts have kindly answered

    Q: Why don't you consider if I have bad and even no credit at all? Could I still apply even though I had bankruptcy?

    A: Indeed that is what we are about. Your credit could be good, bad or non-existent and even a personal bankruptcy is no problem since you can still get a car equity loan through us easily. You may also depend on us to help you get the best terms. Credit rating is not even one factor in the loans we make since the value of the loan is tied to the value of your car.

    Q: Why Doesn’t This Company Care Whether Or Not the Credit Score Is Bad At All? Could I Still Apply With Poor Credit?

    A: Yes, you absolutely can. Your credit could be good, bad or non-existent and even a personal bankruptcy is no problem since you can still get an auto equity loan through us easily. You may also rely on us to help you get the best terms. Since the value of the loan is tied to your car, we do not even consider a credit rating.

    Q: Once I Am Approved Where Do I Go To Pick Up The Cash?

    A: One way is to travel to any of our store locations that we offer in Amarillo. You could also choose to have the funds sent in an electronic fund transfer and deposit it straight into your bank account. We can send you the cash by mail. You can choose any of these ways, and we will be more than happy to do it. Your decision is what we value most.

    Q: How Come Getting A No Credit Car Title Through Your Company Is Better Than Any Other Companies?

    A: The majority of our customers pick us because our interest rates are the most affordable in and around Amarillo for car title loans. In addition, the other guys may wish to charge you 25% or even 30% for the same exact loan which means you end up paying a lot more just to get the money you need presently. Those companies likewise want you to repay your loan in only 30 or 90 days and this is going to make it hard for you. We are able to get for you a full 42 months, which is up to three years to repay your loan. We can be your perfect short-term loan solution.

    Q: What Is A Car Equity Loan? What Is An Auto Title Loan? What Is A No Credit Auto Title Loan?

    A: With a fast cash car title loan you are receiving a kind of loan that uses your auto's title as a form of security for the loan. Using your automobile's title you assure us that you intend to repay your loan so we both feel more secure about the loan. It also gives you a sense of relief knowing that you will have the cash in hand in just a day. These kinds of loans could be genuine life savers for many people who need money fast.

    Q: Can I Pay The Loan Back In Less Than 42 Months?

    A: You’re free to pay-back the loan as quick as you would like. There will be no hidden fees if you wish to settle your loan quicker. We know that you need to have the freedom to select the way you want to handle your own finances.

    Q: What Do I Need In Order To Get A Title Loan?

    A: You will need to be able to get a copy of your vehicle title with no debts on it for us, a valid license, your Social Security Card to validate your identity, proof that your vehicle is insured, a present phone or utility bill to show your residence, the most current pay stub from your pay check, two references and an extra set of car keys. It’s as safe and simple as that.

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